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Rama Navami
ISKCON of Harrisburg presents

Rama Navami

Appearance Day of Lord Rama
date - 
March 30, 2023
time - 
10:00 PM
location - 
6200 Bedford Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111

Rama Navami is the auspicious appearance day of Lord Sri Ramachandra, an incarnation of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. Sri Ramachandra appeared as the prince of Ayodhya and led a testing life filled with many troubles including his banishment to exile and the kidnapping of his dear wife, Goddess Sita. Authorities say that this incarnation of the Lord as Ramachandra shows the ideal life of a man of that age. Devotees celebrate his appearance with a festival, fasting, and other vibrant activities. Join us on Thursday, March 30th to honor this special day at our ISKCON temple! Hare Krishna!

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