Snana Yatra
ISKCON of Harrisburg presents

Snana Yatra

Bathing Festival
date - 
June 26, 2022
time - 
8:30 PM
location - 
6200 Bedford Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111

Join us in invocating Rath Yatra with the bathing festival known as Snana Yatra. On this day, Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra allow Themselves to be bathed by all following the original tradition of worship at Jagannatha Puri. This bathing goes on in the midst of kirtanas glorifying Their Lordships and the chanting of the maha-mantra. Lord Jagannatha’s pastimes are such that after snana-yatra, Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra become “sick”, and, so, must take “medicines” and “take rest” until they become “rejuvenated” enough to go for Rath Yatra which takes place 2 weeks after Their bathing. Join us in this sweet festival on Sunday, June 26th at our ISKCON temple. You can also tune in live on Youtube!