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Kartik month

Today is the last day of Kartik!

Kartik, also known as the month of Damodara, is a month for deepening one's love for Krishna. It is considered by devotees of Krishna to be the holiest month of the year. During this month, devotees make extra vows, perform extra spiritual activities, and generally worship Krishna in His form as a young boy, Damodara, who was once bound at the waist by His mother, Yashoda, as a punishment for His mischievous childhood pastimes.

This month is particularly dear to Lord Sri Krishna because it is a month of vatsalya rasa - parental love. It is also a month for deepening one's love for Krishna. Sincere spiritualists honor this sacred month through acts of devotion and austere vows while inculcating the mood of humility and service in their interactions with other vaishnavas. This Kartik, our theme will be the Essence of Vaishnava Relationships. 

At ISKCON of Harrisburg, there are many festivals to be celebrated during this month including Govardhan Puja, Diwali, Kartik Kirtan, and more. Visit our Events page to get updates on festivals during this month!

Day 31 Kartik Inspiration
by His Holiness Sacinandana Swami
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